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Change Advisory Board

DeIC puts services and infrastructure at the disposal of its members, including the WAYF infrastructure.

To develop and operate WAYF in accordance with best practice and the demands and priorities of the users of this service, the DeIC Board, responsible for WAYF, wishes to receive advice and recommendations from the WAYF Change Advisory Board (‘CAB’) regarding development and operation of WAYF.

The purpose of forming the WAYF CAB is to have it produce recommendations for the DeIC Board that reflect the wishes and needs for development and operation of new features of the users and other parties (e.g., the National Agency for IT and Learning (‘STIL’), the Danish Agency for Digitisation).

In order that continuity and stable operation can be secured, this is done in a collaboration with DeIC's day-to-day managers, who can also contribute to the group's work.

The WAYF Change Advisory Board in 2014 has worked on developing financial models and organisational issues, without specific terms of rerefence. At the beginning of 2015 terms of reference and rules of procedure were adopted, after which the minutes of the CAB meetings are published pursuant to the rules of procedure.

WAYF CAB Meeting Minutes

So far no approved minutes of meetings.

WAYF CAB Members

  • Bo Kolbøl, Copenhagen Business School (Universities)
  • Bo Öhrström, Kulturstyrelsen (Ministry of Culture)
  • Henrik Ejby Bidstrup, IT-University of Copenhagen (Universities)
  • Jacob Harder, STIL (Ministry of Education)
  • Christian Ertmann-Christiansen, The Royal Library (Ministry of Culture)
  • Jacob-Steen Madsen, University College Southern Denmark (University Colleges)
  • Mikael Møller Hansen, Aalborg Universy (Universities)

Meeting Dates, 2015

  • WAYF CAB Meeting No. 6: January 19
  • WAYF CAB Meeting No. 7: April 27
  • WAYF CAB Meeting No. 8: August 14
  • WAYF CAB Meeting No. 9: October 26

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