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Administer your consents

  • With a consent you yourself decide whether you want to let WAYF send the information to the information services.
  • Your consent applies to one visit only at the service you are trying to access - unless:
  • You may let WAYF remember which services you have consented for the data exchange for. That way you do not need to consent next time you visit the same service. No personal identifyable information is stored at WAYF.

WAYF provides a web page where users may administer their consents. When you click on the link you will be asked where you come from. Please log in, in order to provide WAYF with your updated personal information from your institution. In the web page you may withdraw prior consents or consent to prior data exchange to services. Each services' purpose is decribed, and the data that will actually be transferred are presented, so you can decide if you want to transfer this information in the future. If your personal information changes (i.e. change of name), you will be asked to consent again, as all consents are specific for the data presented about you.

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