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Self-service in JANUS (Joint Administration Net-based User Self-service)

Once the SAML2 software has been installed one should register as a user at WAYF's self-service portal, JANUS. The JANUS User Guide for Institutions (IdP) is available here, as a PDF. One registers an e-mail address and an access token is e-mailed. In the self-service portal it is now possible to register the metadata. Once the metadata have been registered in the portal, they are recognised by WAYF's test environment within five minutes.

WAYF would like to get feedback on what could be enhanced in the self-service portal.

The below flow diagram depicts the series of well-defined states passed through by the nascent WAYF connection during development:

Attribute definition and semantics for WAYF

Version 2.00

WAYF has specified a number of attributes (user information types) that may be used for communication between identity providers and service providers in the WAYF collaboration. WAYF has classified the attributes into categories:

  • MUST — Attributes that institutions MUST provide;
  • MAY — Attributes that institutions MAY provide;
  • WAYF — Attributes generated and provided by WAYF.

See WAYF's attribute list.

See amendments procedure and versioning policy.

Watch our video about attributes.


If you are an identity provider in need of WAYF metadata, these are available for download below. In this context WAYF acts as your service provider. The WAYF metadata may only be used for connecting to WAYF, and at your own risk. Any other usage must be approved by the WAYF Secretariat.


Study WAYF's certificate policy.

Time policy

Study WAYF's time policy.


We've written a how-to and will link to other relevant documentation:

And besides the above how-to we've collected some tip-offs:

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