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Introductory to eID federations and WAYF - Where Are You From

What is an eID federation?
Federation architectures
Single point of contact
Transparent service integration
Attributes (data fields)
Legal arrangement
Pseudonyms (English transscript of Danish video)
User's consent to data exchange

Federation benefit calculator, RASMUS – Remote Access Service Monitor for Users and Services

See screencast and screenshots on the RASMUS project page.

Self-service for connecting to federation, JANUS – Joint Administrative Net-based User Self-service

Self-service creation of a connection to the federation.

Note that the demonstrations below were done on an system under development and concequently not all functions, lay-out etc. were production-ready. Still, it should be clear what happens.

Brief overview of JANUS
Introduction and logging into JANUS
Handling service providers
Handling identity providers
Handling attribute release profiles (ARPs)
Inbox and mangement of roles and connections
Metadata export

WAYF – Where Are You From
Asmussens Allé, Building 305
DK-2800 Lyngby


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