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News 2012

WAYF now an eduGAIN participant

WAYF has now been integrated into eduGAIN, a conjunction of a number of chiefly European eID-federations. Like Nordic Kalmar2, the eduGAIN 'inter-federation' enables users from any member federation to access web services from other member federations. The cooperation is still at an early stage, and is expected to develop in the next few years. Identity and service providers with an interest are encouraged to contact WAYF.

New WAYF attribute: Date of Birth

Since the 20th of November 2012, connected institutions have been able to convey a user's date of birth through WAYF. This new member of WAYF's attribute inventory can be studied here.

Frederikshavn Upper Secondary School and HF-Course connected to WAYF

Frederikshavn Upper Secondary School and HF-Course was connected to WAYF as an institution today, the 15th of November 2012.

WAYF launches JAKOB

Today WAYF introduces JAKOB - an attribute collector.

JAKOB is short for Joined Attribute Knowledge Object Blobs, a WAYF service for collecting user information (“attributes”) from decentralised data sources (“attribute authorities”) and integrating this into a single, unified response for the web services.

Read more about JAKOB here

Cambridge Journals now connected to WAYF

Cambridge University Press is now connected to WAYF with their online service Cambridge Journals.

The service gives online access to more than 300 peer-reviewed scientific journals and also supports the provision of titles from other publishers.

WAYF introduced as world's most advanced identity federation

Last week, at the Internet2 member meeting in Philadelphia, USA, Ken Klingenstein, Sr. Director for middleware and security at Internet2, introduced WAYF as “the world's most advanced identity federation, both in terms of technology and cross sector deployment.”

Klingenstein is one of the ‘founding fathers’ of federated identity and in many ways a central figure in the field.

WAYF was invited to speak twice at the conference: about privacy protection and about RASMUS, WAYF's system for visualisation of the economic dynamics of the federation.

ISIC now a WAYF service provider

ISIC Association Nordic has just joined WAYF as a service provider. Educational institutions connected to WAYF can henceforth offer their students the International Student Identification Card (ISIC), profiling themselves through a co-operation with ISIC Association Nordic, at home and abroad. Currently VIA University College co-operates with ISIC, enabling its students to obtain an ISIC through their local VIA student cards.

An ISIC qualifies its student holder for an abundance of benefits all over the world, including in Denmark, e.g. up to 50% off on on Arriva/DSB train fares.

ISIC—the world's best established student card—was founded in Copenhagen in 1953. ISIC is supported by both the EU and, through UNESCO, the UN. In the five Scandinavian countries ISIC is administered by KILROY.

For further information on ISIC and opportunities for a co-brand co-operation contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

BYG-ERFA connected to WAYF

BYG-ERFA's web service was connected to WAYF this spring. Those of the BYG-ERFA Foundation's customers connected to WAYF now have a simple way of accessing an abundance of short sheets of constructional experience, quality assured by experts, with buildable solutions for new build as well as renovation. BYG-ERFA Foundation has since 1977 collected and reviewed constructional experience from practical construction.

NemLog-in certificate renewed

NemLog-in (Danish Agency for Digitization) changed their certificate on Thursday the 26th of April 2012 between 10,30 and 11 PM.

Services using NemLog-in through WAYF did not have to renew the NemLog-in certificate; WAYF took care of this.

WAYF signing certificate renewed

On the 17th of April 2012 at 10 o'clock, WAYF renewed its signing certificate.

Consequently, WAYF login will work only insofar as services and institutions connected to WAYF have incorporated the new signing certificate into their WAYF setups. Guidance on how to do this is available here.

New JANUS user guides for SPs and IdPs

Now there is a JANUS user guide for Service Providers (SPs) too. This has been requested for a long time and finally we can present this new user guide for SPs. The user guide follows the user guide for IdPs, with minor adjustments.

User guide for SPs is available in PDF here: JANUS user guide for Service Providers (SP)
User guide for IdPs (new updated version) is available in PDF here: JANUS user guide for institutions (IdP)

Single Logout with WAYF

It has recently been decided that WAYF does support Single Logout—i.e. a user's ability to log off every service at once where he is logged in through WAYF. At the same time, however, it is stressed that WAYF cannot guarantee that every web service connected to the federation will handle logout requests correctly—and so cannot guarantee that the user actually is logged out.

WAYF recommends users to close their browsers upon logging out.

SP-issued SAML2 authentication scoping elements, via WAYF, now working with ADFSv2

Some services have experienced problems with ADFSv2 when using SAML2 authentication request scoping elements (IdP choice at the SP side).

ADFSv2 does not support SAML2 scoping.

WAYF has changed the handling of SAML2 scoping elements so that they are no longer conveyed to the IdP side, even though an authentication request is issued.

This behaviour is not in accordance with the SAML2 specifiation but is seen as a necessary 'tweak' to allow ADFSv2 IdPs to function properly.

As soon as ADFSv2 supports SAML2 scoping elements, WAYF will return to the behaviour described in the specification.

Improvement of 'Select your identity provider'

The icon for the service you want to log in to is now presented.

There must be no doubts whether you are still in the process of logging into the selected service or not. This could well be the case earlier since the 'select your identity provider' list did not show it clearly enough with an icon. It does now.

WAYF nominated for the European Identity Award

WAYF has been nominated for the European Identity Award 2012.

WAYF featured in today's Version2

Read the article on WAYF in today's Version2 (a news site for Danish IT professionals): Meet WAYF: The IT Success that was Allowed to Fail Big Time (in Danish language).

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