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Find your institution

WAYF has improved the function for finding your institution when choosing where to log in. The institution you last used is automatically pre-selected. So, often you may simply press Enter to select it again. Otherwise, you can browse through the three most recently selected institutions.

The search function is also improved: Now you may use the institution’s abbreviation for searching. E.g., searching for KU selects the University of Copenhagen (Københavns Universitet).

Reuse your consent

If you frequently visit a particular service, you can avoid having to confirm that WAYF may transfer information about you to the service provider. Ask WAYF to save your consent, and you will not be asked the next time you log on.

Delete a consent

If you regret that you have given consent to a service receiving information about you, you can delete your consent from the Administration page of WAYF’s web site. Find the service on your list of consents and delete it. If you later try to login to the service, you will be asked for consent.

Search Online Dictionaries

Major online dictionaries can be reached using WAYF

At a loss for words? Danish or foreign? Then help is at hand. The main Danish dictionaries are now available via WAYF.
Ordbogen.com offers online access to 13 of the dictionaries from Danish publisher Politiken in addition to a number of other dictionaries. Among the languages are Danish, English, French, German, Spanish, Swedish, Portuguese, Italian and Arabic.
Ordbogen.com also offers specialized dictionaries for accounting, automotive engineering, and music. The dictionaries from publisher Gyldendal are also on WAYF. Besides general dictionaries they also include Danish-English dictionaries covering law and medicine.
Through collaboration with Oxford University Press Gyldendal offers access to several of the Oxford dictionaries. Both Ordbogen.com and the dictionaries from Gyldendal require payment.

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