Public authorities covered by the NemLog-in Buy Out Agreement have the option of using WAYF as their technical provider of NemLog-in (“EasyLogin”). An ordinary technical integration with WAYF will enable the organization to let users identify themselves by way of NemID (“EasyID”), both citizens and employees.

A common use case is: the resetting of passwords for existing users who have forgotten their access codes: The user may log in using his NemID (through NemLog-in) and be recognized by way of his civil registration (’CPR’) number. On that basis the user can be allowed to create a new password for what must be his account. This can save a lot of support time e.g. at an educational institution with a lot of users.

The transfer of his CPR number will not happen until the user has given his explicit consent.

But NemLog-in can also be used as the primary login method at a web service integrated with WAYF, giving users the login experience familiar from many public-authority self-service solutions.

An institution or service provider wanting to use NemLog-in through WAYF must go through the same connection process, technically and legally, as any other entity connecting to WAYF: A technical integration must be made between the organisation in question and WAYF. Read here for more information on the general service connection process.

Previously, a written agreement had to be entered with the Danish Agency for Digitization for an organisation to be allowed to use NemLog-in through WAYF; but this is no longer so. Now WAYF simply has to make sure that among its clients only public authorities receive NemLog-in.

If you want to use NemLog-in through WAYF, please contact the WAYF Secretariat, which will then decide if your organization is entitled to this service. In cases of doubt the Danish Agency for Digitization can become involved.