Educational platform E.1 now a WAYF service

Education Esbjerg [pronounced like British ess-byair] works to strengthen Southwest Jutland with education, functioning as a link between students, educational institutions, businesses, and municipalities. The association has launched digital educational platform E.1, with business cooperation and digitisation the central building building blocks – and now, E.1 has been connected to WAYF.

This means students from an array of educational institutions in Western Denmark using the platform – among which universities, business academies, maritime schools and music conservatories – can now access E.1 using their well-known institutional logins. Without these institutions having had to do and maintain any technical integration with E.1 – they simply re-use their established connection to the WAYF identity federation. And as the need arises, more institutions can easily gain access to E.1 if they're already part of WAYF.

A special characteristic of E.1's WAYF integration is it utilising WAYF's mediation of the institutions' native MFA logins, to the extent the institutions have rolled out MFA and communicate this to WAYF.